Fudge and Mabel

Handmade needle felted sculptures, supplies and tools.

British Wool

Every one of my sculptures is made from British Wool and I truly love working with it.

The quality, feel and texture of British Breed Wool is exceptional,and sadly, still very underappreciated! 

My particular favourites include Shetland, Blue Faced Leicester, Corriedale, Jacob and Herdwick wool. Each one has unique qualities and will give your felted creation a different quality and finish.

On some sculptures, I also use a little Merino wool to smooth surface fibres down. 

I try to only use British suppliers and nearly 100% natural materials for all of my sculptures. I strongly believe in supporting British industry and local farms.

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Proud member of the  campaign for wool which aims to further the sustainability of wool production and to promote wool use globally. Please see their website for further info:

Campaign For Wool

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About Needle felting

The very second I tried needle felting I was hooked! I love the process of taking natural, hand combed raw wool and sculpting it using a barbed needle. It's a bit like working with candy floss (but without being sticky). The tiny barbs near the tip of the needle snag the fibres and pull them down, interlocking them.

I begin each sculpture by making a ball from wool, and then shape it into a basic shape by repeatedly ‘poking' the wool with a felting needle. With every 'poke' it becomes a little firmer, and eventually I am able to sculpt a 3-dimensional design.

Sometimes a single character can take me days to complete and will literally be poked thousands of times with a felting needle. It’s a very time consuming process, but is very therapeutic and a great deal of fun! 

100% Handmade

I do not use any templates, patterns or internal structures, nor do I use any stitches to hold the wool together.

True needle felting instead relies entirely on your own artistic ability and imagination.

Original designs and quality

All of my creations are based on my own original drawings and designs, and I spend a lot of time designing each different character. I enjoy making characters that are detailed and life like, and so prefer to make firmer sculptures that hold their shape. This means I have to felt each piece for a very long time, adding substantial detail to the mouth and eyes, and also giving each character a cheeky little smile.

Fudge and Mabel by Michelle Onderstall

I am an artist/ designer/ maker and I started Fudge and Mabel a few years ago after completing my first set of boxing hares, called 'Fudge' and 'Mabel'. I now specialise in 3-dimensional needle felted sculptures.

Each piece is designed and made by me, sometimes taking weeks to complete, so I prefer to make one-of-a-kind sculptures.

Please visit my contact page for more info on commissions.

Please visit my workshops page for further details on felting workshops. Remember to book in advance as they are highly popular.